Hans Chrisian Sundsfjord

Curriculum Vitae



  • 2014-.... Enterprise data warehouse for health care administration. Cover health care personell resources, education, authorisations, geography, primary doctors, prescriptions, refunds, quality indicatiors, etc. Delivering a strategy for BI/DWH.
  • 2013-2014. Information governance project for national health care administration. The project delivered a target information architecture, road map and governance model.
  • 2011-12 Data mart project for life cycle analysis including clients, products and demographics within the life insurance area. Forecasting on products and clients regarding the commitments for future pensjons and casualties. Dimensional data mart in Powerdesigner. Informatica ETL.
  • 2010-11 Data warehouse project to build an ETL solution to maintain data in an enterprise data warehouse for pension savings and life insurances, based on anInformatica platform.
  • 2009-10 Data modeling engagement to build a model for an enterprise data warehouse. Datawarehouse for pension savings and insurance arrangements for governmental organisations, based on the Corporate Information Factory reference architacture. Responsible for designing the model throough PowerDesigner,and the physical enginering onto a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • 2007-09 Data mart and Teradata CRM. Teradata project for an international bank to deliver a CRM solution. The solution included a new data mart on Teradata andthe CRM solution. I was responsible for the data model and the ETL design, as well as taking part in the implementation of the database and ETL. I also tookpart in building the integration with the bank’s channel systems for marketing and customer care. A Nordic bank. Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki,Finland.
  • 2007-08 Teradata Value Analyzer. Joint project with a Nordic bank group to define a profitability analysis solution based on Teradata Value Analyzer. The projectdelivered a design for setting up the TVA application and describes the sourcing of data from a Teradata EDW into TVA. Tallinn, Estonia.
  • 2006 CRM and data warehouse. 6 months of full time consultancy with an insurance company. The engagement consisted of enhancement and maintenance deliverablesrelated to the existing CRM and data warehouse on Teradata, and support the marketing department by consultancy, implementing and testing the newenhancements. A part of the engagement was to participate in setting up a complete new Teradata and CRM environment and then ‘fork-lifting’ an existingCRM and data warehouse solution to the new platform. Insurance Company, Norway.
  • 2006 Data warehouse. This project is building a data warehouse for a mobile telecom service provider. My role in the project was to adapt the TeradataCommunications Logical Data Model to the customer’s requirements and reporting needs. The model is developed in Erwin. International project. Hungary andSerbia & Montenegro.
  • 2005 Data warehouse. The project delivered a data warehouse solution for Internet, fixed and mobile services. The goal of the project is to give a full overview of the customer base, across the enterprise. I have been responsible for producing a logical data model. A normalized data model is developed inERwin and further engineered onto an Oracle 9i platform. In the implementation, I implemented parts of the ETL jobs on Informatica PowerCenter.
  • 2004 Data warehouse. The project developed an initial business software suite for mobile telephony service operator. The data warehouse part was integrated andconfigured to report on traffic analysis, revenue, number inventory, prepaid refills etc. My role was dimensional data modelling, ETL design and SQL scriptprogramming. The system was built on Oracle 9i, Unix and Business Objects. International project. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2004 Data warehouse. The project delivered a reporting solution for corporate lending and credit facility administration. The main objective was to produce financial performance indicators for analysis purposes. The solution was delivered on a Microsoft SQL Server platform. I was responsible for designing a dimensional data model in ER/Studio to support the reporting requirements from the business community. I participated in developing the ETL jobs, using SQLstored procedures on the Microsoft platform.
  • 2003 Data warehouse methodology. The project established and documented an in-house methodology to be used in data warehouse deliveries. The method is based on internal senior experience as well as the methods suggested by Kimball and Inmon, and published as an internal methodology guideline accompanied by a set of templates.
  • 2002 Product development. The project developed a product for international carriers in the telco industry. The product was based on Oracle 9i, Java and Business Objects. I did design, implementation and testing of the reporting capabilities for traffic from the international exchanges.
  • 2000-2002 Data warehouse. The project delivered a high volume data warehouse solution for reporting key performance indicators such as traffic volumes, subscriber behaviour, call completion, network quality and capacity. The solution was designed to run on massively parallel Teradata server. A set of reports was developed in Business Objects. I played a central role in user interviews, report design, data modelling and database design, and was responsible for the implementation team. The logical data model was normalized and further engineered into a physical model for Teradata. International project. Bruxelles, Belgium.
  • 2002 RDBMS evaluation. An in-house team with broad database knowledge set off to analyse, test, and evaluate relational database server platforms. The platformswas evaluated for hosting a medium size data mart. Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, Teradata and MS SQL Server were included in the study. A simple star schema wasdeployed and populated on each of the platforms, and evaluated with respect retrievals, updates, index building, bulk loading, table partitioning and more.I was responsible for the Oracle part. The project produced an evaluation report with results and recommendations to be used in data mart or warehousedeliveries.
  • 1998-2001 Data warehouse. The project focused on revenue assurance, and delivered a report set for identifying inconsistencies and leakages in telecom managementsystems. The system was built as a data warehouse application that extracted and compared data from telecom switches, billing systems and order managementsystems. The solution was based on Informatica, Business Objects and Sybase. I was responsible for architecture and ETL processes as well as Business Objectsuniverses and reports. The solution is now further enhanced and won the Norwegian price Datavarehusprisen” in 2005.
  • 1997 Data warehouse. Design and implementation of data warehouse solutions for analysis of fixed line traffic. Focus on ETL of call detail records into a datamart, using Sybase and Business Objects. My task was to implement the process of bulk loading data into the star schema and update strategies for historicaldata.
  • 1996 Billing System. The project team produced a billing system for international interconnect services. The solution delivered was built on a client-serverarchitecture, using Sybase, Unix, and PowerBuilder on Windows. My roles in the project were database administration, design and development.
  • 1995 Software engineering tool evaluation. This R&D project set off to do a comparative analysis of several software engineering tools used for developingdatabase systems. The focus for the study was to evaluate the tools with respect to portability, degree of automation, degree of support for the different phasesof development projects, GUI supported, middleware amongst others. The result is a published research report with me as a co-writer.
  • 1995 Research project. The goal of this project was to establish a methodology to integrate data models, data definitions and terminology. The method was thenapplied to a portfolio of administrative support systems for a fixed line telecom operator. The resulting methodology is published as an internal researchreport with me as a co-writer.”


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